Strategic Development Plans

Contributing to strategic development plans and goals of Turkey.


Working on every social and economic sector with a governance approach.

Designing the Future

Producing intellectual outputs for a better future with a holistic sustainable development approach.

Environmental, Economic & Social Development

We aim to eliminate social and economic inequality with a holistic perspective.

Quality of Life & Increase in Welfare

We aim to increase the income and quality of life of everyone at all ages with the principle of equal opportunity.

Strengthening Disadvantaged People

We aim at the social and economic development of all disadvantaged groups such as women, children, the elderly and the disabled.

Improving Lifelong Education & Skill

We aim to increase the competencies of human capital with a qualified and qualified education approach.

Development of Human Resources in All Sectors

With the principle of occupational health and safety, we aim for decent work culture and cross-sectoral cooperation.

Protection of Environment & Nature Systems

With balanced planning, we aim to increase awareness by reducing the effects of climate change.

Conservation of water & terrestrial biodiversity

We aim to protect water resources and the terrestrial ecosystem, and to make sustainable and efficient resources.

Sustainable production & consumption

We aim for self-sufficiency, basic needs and poverty reduction.

Innovation & R&D & Competitiveness

We aim to develop new inventions and technological development through the modernization of industrialization.

Effective Management & Institutional Capacity Increase

We aim for cooperation between public-private-university-non-governmental organizations and institutional capacity increase.

Governance & Democracy & Human Rights

With the principle of social justice, we aim to combat discrimination, gender equality and respect for human rights.

Foundation Purpose of the Association

The association was established, in the field of civil society at the national and international level, with the aim of protecting the environment & quality of life & sustainable development & lifelong learning & social inclusion, respecting for the rights of humans & all living creatures & conscientious consumption of resources, increasing the level of economic growth and prosperity, from the perspective of reducing the problems and needs coming from the past and delivering them to the next generation by adopting trust, instead of inheritance.


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